Who doesn't love pizza? On a thin dough, with a variety of fillings. Some people prefer the classic variation, and some do not mind trying something extraordinary, unusual. Today we decided to tell you about the strangest pizzas in the world, in our selection are pizza with gold, lined with fried chicken and with hot dog sides.

Pizza with a mega portion of pineapple

Some people love pineapple pizza, while others can't stand it. However, the preparation of this pizza has been practiced for a long time. And here's another option: pizza, which is filled with large slices of pineapple. There are so many of them that you wonder: is it pizza with pineapple or pineapple with pizza?

Pizza with chicken "dough"

This version of pizza was first prepared by a chain of restaurants KFC, called Chizza. An unusual substrate for the filling is a feature of the dish: the substrate is made of breaded chicken chops. This dish can be tasted in Japan, the Philippines and India.

Pizza with the image of the Pope

Pizza is definitely not an art object, but you can't say the same about the one we will talk about now. A pizza with a portrait of the Pope was once made in a New York restaurant. The pope then arrived on a visit to New York. The filling of the pizza was quite standard, but the appearance was impressive. The chef tried to recreate the edible portrait in the smallest detail. Skin color - a mixture of ricotta cheese and raspberries, and the headdress is made of pineapple. The cooking process took about 5 hours, they do not plan to repeat this pizza, despite the fact that the chef was offered a considerable amount, $ 1,000.

Pizza with sides of hot dogs

Another option for those who do not want to throw away the bread edges. Pizza sides are made of lush dough with the addition of garlic, as well as sausages, all from appetizing hot dogs. Unfortunately, now the dish is out of production, but who knows, maybe fans of hot dogs will bring these delicacies back to life.

Pizza for 180,000 euros

Yes, you did not think the cost is one hundred and eighty thousand euros, and this is the most expensive pizza in 2018. The products selected for cooking are the highest quality and most expensive: truffles from Alba, Perigord truffles, foie gras, saffron, beluga caviar, special Japanese mushrooms and a couple of small golden leaves, the total weight of which is about sixty grams. In total, the ingredients of the dish alone cost one hundred and ten thousand euros.

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