In the light of recent events around the world, people have again become interested in creating delicious dishes. Baking bread is certainly part of this culinary Renaissance. If you are just starting your journey in this area, you will find a huge number of professional bakers and enthusiasts bragging about their achievements on the network. One of them is Hannah P., nicknamed Blondie + Rye, a high school history teacher who expresses her creative energy with carbohydrates.

A woman creates stunning edible bouquets of bread. Thanks to their super-aesthetic and unusual appearance, Hannah became famous throughout the world. Her baking not only looks great and meets all the rules of a healthy diet, it implements another important task in the modern world - to use even the most meager leftovers of food, and not to throw them in the trash. The great thing about Blondie + Rye recipes is that they can all be adapted to almost any diet and needs. Just look how these wonderful bread bouquets look!

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