prunes - 300 g
walnuts without shell - 200 g
sour cream 20% - 300-400 g
granulated sugar - 50 g


1. Soak the prunes in warm water for a few hours. It should soften.
2. If you had seeds in your prunes, you need to remove them.
3. If not, then just drain the water through a colander, and put the berries in some kind of porcelain bowl.
4. Now we are preparing the nuts. Crack the shells and peel the nuts if necessary. Then divide the kernels into quarters or smaller pieces. It all depends on how large the prunes are.
5. Place quarters or pieces of nuts in place of the seeds. Place the blanks immediately on a flat plate or dish. Do not put berries close to each other, leave small gaps. Now you need to take sour cream, add sugar to it and beat with a blender. After that, you should pour the sour cream on the workpiece so as to completely cover all the prunes.
6. It remains to put the finished dish in a cool place or in the refrigerator, let it stand and soak for several hours.

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